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Tackle all of your filing needs with this great selection of full-size (8"" and 10"") files. Each sold separately. File handle (sold separately) holds most popular files. Contoured to fit hand for straight, lathe and draw filing.#12492 - 8"" Four-in-One hand Rasp and File is four tools in one. Each side has both a rasp for solid stock removal and a double cut file for smoothing. One side is flat for working flat or convex surfaces, while the other side is half round for working concave surfaces.#12542 - 8"" Round Wood Rasp Bastard Cut Used for the same purpose as regular wood rasps. Used in places for which their shapes make them particularly effective. Round shape. Bastard cut.#12369 - 10"" Mill Smooth Cut Used for sharpening mill or circular saws. Also for draw-filing and finishing metals. Rectangular shape. Single cut on sides and edges. Two square edges.#12450 - 10"" Pattern Maker Cabinet Rasp, 2nd Cut, #49 Half-round shape. Narrow pattern, cut edges. Used when smooth wood finish is required.

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I have got one two weeks ago. I can say it is one of the best in the branch. I am absolutely satisfied.