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Made for the colder end of the spectrum, the Swix LF5X Wax is brand new for this season. This low fluoro wax fills the void that previously existed between Swix's LF4X and LF6X ski waxes. Slightly softer than LF4X, it's easier to work with while offering fast glide at very cold temperatures. LF5X can be used as a stand-alone race wax or as a base for FC05X. For superior glide when temps drop into the teens and single digits, put on a layer of Swix LF5X. Stand-alone race wax for cold conditions Effective when used as a base coat for FC05X New formula is easy to apply Recommended iron temperature: 150AdegC (311AdegF) .

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Day when I was in the public house I saw this Swix LF5X Wax - 180g, it looks amazing!